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Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. currently has hundreds of installations of flocculation equipment and material handling equipment located throughout the United States.

Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. designs and manufactures flocculation equipment that provides for mechanical flocculation. A number of types of mechanical flocculation systems have been successfully used for various flocculation applications. These designs include horizontal shaft paddlewheel, vertical shaft paddlewheel and walking beam.

Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing Material Handling Equipment and Systems in the Municipal Water and Wastewater Industry for more than 25 years. Our professional engineering staff can assist with developing specification as well as provide equipment based on existing specifications.

Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. sales engineering and manufacturing staff, with over 125 years of technical experience, provide equipment that is reliable and durable, which can yield operation and maintenance savings that can recover initial capital costs many times over.

Recent Tennessee installation: McMinnville, Ashland City, Collierville

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