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Portable, single channel, dual channel DO sensors, SS sensors, and other instrumentation.

Insite Instrumentation Group, Inc. (InsiteIG) was formed, in the year 2001, in response to the growing need for an instrumentation manufacturer that was solely focused on the needs of the water and wastewater industry. We have been dedicated to delivering advanced technology to our customers, and to providing more reliable user friendly instrumentation that will reduce maintenance and operational cost.

The multi-channel multi-parameter MPA48 analyzer has been released. This instrument comes with 4 sensor channels standard and expandability to 8. The MPA48 will accept any combination of optical DO, SS, pH or ORP sensors.

InsiteIG pH/ORP
The new 50 series sensors bring pH and ORP to the InsiteIG product family. Yes, the integrated jet clean and digital interface that compliments all InsiteIG sensors is there. Remember 51 for pH and 52 for ORP.

The Model 17 hot tap sensor combines InsiteIG reliability and performance with the ease of use that a hot tap mount offers.

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