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The GNA HYDROSLIDE is a proven technique for regulating sewer flows.

The GNA HYDROSWITCH is a proven technique for transferring by gravity, highly polluted base flows and wet weather floatables from a sewer at a higher elevation to a receptor system, without hydraulic or electrical controls.

The GNA HYDROSELF flushing system is a highly effective cleaning system which requires no electricity, no maintenance and no fresh water.

The AUTOFLUSH is the most recently developed type of solids removal device available on the market. It incorporates the best and most reliable attributes of all other types of flushing devices thus offering the user a simple, efficient and economical method of cleaning the settled debris accumulated during the storage of excess flows.

The GNA HYDROCLEAN brush screen removes solids (down to 4 mm) from overflows.

The GNA HYDROBEND bending weir is designed to have the same flow capacity as a standard overflow weir operating under the same maximum design head and weir length, but is designed so that overflow will only occur when the maximum design water level is reached.

The GNA HYDROFLUSH self-flushing or “closing syphon” is designed to clean small 200-400 mm (6-12″) diameter sewers. Flushing intensity flows from as little as 5 l/s (80 gpm) to 31 l/s (500 gpm) are delivered with this device.

Recent Tennessee installation: Chattanooga, Tennessee

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