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FilterONE USA LLC has been in business since 2003 and to date has completed over 250 contracts for remanufactured equipment, new equipment, parts and service. FilterONE has grown each year since its inception, even throughout the past recession, and is on solid financial ground. Our sales in fiscal 2012 were the highest in company history.

Most of our past contracts have involved rebuilding self-cleaning filter screens, belt filter presses, and sand filters, but more recently we have also been focusing on the supply of new equipment such as the F1 InFloMax™ Continuous Screen, and complimentary equipment such as the F1 Compactor Washer, F1 Screenings Conveyor, F1 Conveyor, and the F1 Grit Concentrator Classifier.

Rui Claudio, our VP of Engineering, was with Parkson Corporation for close to 25 years, during which time he served as the Engineering Manager for the Mechanical Products Group. In that capacity, Rui oversaw the design of the AquaGuard Screen, as well as other mechanical products including compactors, conveyors, and belt presses. Overall, Rui was responsible for the engineering and manufacturing of over 1000 screening systems, prior to starting FilterONE with his partner, Ryan Brice.
Ryan Brice, our VP of Marketing, was senior field service engineer at Parkson for many years, starting up hundreds of AquaGuard Screens, and other mechanical products produced by Parkson, prior to helping found FilterONE. Ryan was with Parkson for close to 25 years as well. His personal experience working with contractors and owners in the field, solving many startup and warranty problems, provides FilterONE with a wealth of application and operational knowledge that we build into all our equipment for the benefit of the operators.

FilterONE is a company that is proud to make all our equipment in the USA and we welcome any and all visitors to our shop in South Florida, as well as our main vendor’s shop in South Carolina. Our company motto is “Keep America Working” which we do on each and every project in which we are engaged. This includes making all our own chains, rollers, shafts, and elements for our F1 InFloMax™ Continuous Screen.

In summary, FilterONE is a successful, well established, and financially sound company. Our focus on design quality and service, insures that we will provide our customers with the best built, most reliable, and user friendly equipment available on the market today. Moreover, we will be able to provide the services and parts needed to sustain trouble free operation, with minimal O&M, for many years to come.

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